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Verkhovna Rada considers delivering summonses online
BP wants to increase military spending
13:00, 12.03.2023

Verkhovna Rada to increase military spending

Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
Verkhovna Rada plans to extend martial law for a long time
12:50, 10.08.2022

Verkhovna Rada likely to extend martial law

Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
Parliament obliges developers to build houses with additional premises
19:15, 19.06.2022

Rada obliged to build bomb shelters in Ukraine

Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
The Rada freed the military from the tax "for war"
17:40, 19.06.2022

Ukrainian defenders exempted from military duty

Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko