Management of the media agency (hereinafter - the " Website ") is carried out by a public organization "CULTURAL INFORMATION AGENCY "Social Portal of UKRAINE", registry code 39583628, a legal entity, which is registered and acts in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

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Who we are

Socportal ( is an independent information resource of social orientation. We cover events in Ukraine and in the world that, one way or another, concerns the life of ordinary Ukrainians. Our focus is on reforms of the pension system, education and medicine systems, trends of the labour market and social policy.

Socportal belongs to editorial staff which means that we can conduct independent editorial policy which is not influenced by anybody but us.

Our philosophy

We have a philosophy that no topic is off-limits to us. Every thought has a right to exist, and every fact must be presented objectively and impartially.

We make society more open, readers more informed, and news more interesting.

We are proud

We support social and human rights projects.

Our articles on social reforms - on changes in the school system, pension system, medical care, and provision of subsidies - are very popular.

Starting from the 24th of February 2022 we share the truth about the war in Ukraine

If the editorial board considers your material to fall under our rules of social partnership, it will be posted on the site.

Recent human rights initiatives:

Sotsportal provides ongoing informational support to the Center for Social and Labor Research.

We regularly publish research, interviews and expert comments on labour rights, women's rights, education reforms, life in the "grey zone" of the ATO, the dynamics of protests in Ukraine, and opportunities to confront various forms of discrimination that take place in society.

As part of the Donetsk Dialogue project, we cooperate with the Center for Human Rights and Legislative Initiatives to draw attention to the fate of Donbas residents temporarily displaced and living in non-occupied territory, as well as those who remained on the other side of the frontline and want to live in Ukraine.

Since 2014 the editorial board has been realizing the "Human Rights Project" in the background, which aims to accumulate texts of analytical nature and relevant topics.