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Why are the Russian Federation's drones on the move again?

The activity of the drones suggests preparations for a massive bombardment.

on 11 January, Nataliya Humenyuk, head of the coordinating press centre of the southern defence and security forces, told the Suspinnyy news agency:

Considering that it usually takes 10,12 or 14 days for the enemy to rearm after a massive missile attack we can say that now we are just on the eve of such a massive missile attack.

Humenyuk added:

Because they are first gathering information about the targets they want to hit. It is likely to be critical infrastructure facilities. They continue to try to create a man-made inconvenience to our population, including the cold weather. They continue to seek out air defence systems that dream of hitting.

Gumenyuk also commented on the situation with Russian ships in the Black Sea:

Today we can record one ship out of the entire ship group, with the missile carriers in sea-based locations. But observing their activities, we can observe that after the massive rocket fire of the New Year, the ships were brought in to rearm, as all the missiles that were on board at the time were used.

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