SBU detained a Russian agent who corrected enemy missile strikes to disrupt the heating season in southern Ukraine

SBU detained a Russian agent who pointed at a thermal power plant
Читати українською

The security service exposed the attempts of the occupiers to destroy critical infrastructure in southern Ukraine.

In Mykolaiv, an agent was detained who was transferring the geolocation of heat supply enterprises to the enemy in front-line areas. The Security Service reported this.

The invaders planned to use the received coordinates for a series of rocket and artillery attacks on the city. In case of successful shelling, the occupiers promised their henchman a monetary reward. According to the investigation, the SBU reported a resident of the regional center turned out to be a traitor.

To carry out enemy instructions, the attacker carried out photo/video recordings of objects concerning the terrain and handed over these materials with a detailed description to the Russian curator.

It has been established that in the event of the city's capture, the invaders promised him security guarantees from the repressive actions of the occupation administration. He was informed of suspicion of treason committed under martial law. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing, the SBU said.

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