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Komarovsky said that not all berries should not be given to children

Berries for Ukrainians are one of the traditional food options.

Doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky told which berries can be dangerous, so children should not be allowed to eat them. The pediatrician shared his knowledge on his YouTube channel .

The expert noted that children should receive knowledge about berries from an early age. Then they should hear which berries can be eaten and which ones are dangerous for them. He emphasized that the child should not vomit and eat anything from bushes or trees.

I beg you, when you went with the children to the forest, you must teach the child that he cannot pick, pick up or put any berry in his mouth without the direct permission of an adult who is nearby, the pediatrician said.

He noted that the berries themselves are very useful. Due to their high fiber content, they are able to solve the problem of constipation. They can be frozen, boiled compotes, decoctions, jams, put in baking - this does not lose the usefulness of the berries.

All berries contain a lot of folic acid (vitamin B9), which is especially useful for pregnant women.

At the same time, allergy sufferers should approach berries with caution.

In the modern world, the approach to allergy prevention has changed a lot. If the mother, for example, is allergic to raspberries, the child should be given the berry as soon as possible. You can give it a try at 5-6 months, thereby reducing the likelihood of an allergy in a baby, the doctor noted.

Which berries are not edible


The plant that everyone has heard about begins to bloom in the spring, and the fruits appear closer to August. Red-orange balls are strictly forbidden to eat, but not only they are dangerous, but also the bark of the plant. On contact with the skin, it causes dermatitis, redness and blisters.


Alkaloids are a toxic substance, the concentration of which in this berry exceeds all permissible limits. An overdose causes a violation of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and also often causes death. In the old days, girls used this berry for cosmetic purposes - they dripped it into their eyes to give them a tempting shine, and also rubbed their cheeks, gaining a blush.

raven eye

This culture is also called "wolfberry", and the fruits can easily be confused with blueberries or black currants. It differs only in appearance - one berry is located between four leaves, open in the form of a "rosette". The whole plant is poisonous - both leaves, fruits, and roots are dangerous.

elderberry red

Classic elderberry has a strong smell that is difficult for people to endure, especially in hot weather. Large red berries are unpleasant in taste, so you should not try them. Many people confuse elderberry with mountain ash, but such negligence threatens with poisoning, especially if you have eaten unripe fruits.

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