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Crash syndrome: Komarovsky told what to do about it

We are talking about situations when a person fell under a blockage, and his arm or leg was crushed by heavy structures.

Dr. Yevgeny Komarovsky spoke about the rules for providing first aid to victims of blockages and destruction of buildings, in particular as a result of shelling and rocket attacks. He also noted that everyone could find themselves in such a situation, since there is a war going on in Ukraine and no one can predict what will happen tomorrow.

At the same time, the doctor drew attention to the syndrome of prolonged compression or crush syndrome. The doctor explained that it was about crushing an arm or leg with a heavy collapsed structure. The specialist emphasized that improper assistance in such a situation can harm a person.

In this case, the blood supply is disturbed in the compressed limb and tissue breakdown begins, the doctor noted.

Dr. Komarovsky spoke about what to do when under the rubble on his YouTube channel .

First of all, he urged to remember that a sharp release of a pinned arm or leg can harm a person.

And if the blood supply is restored, that is, this pressure is removed, then all those poisons that have accumulated in the limbs during the time when there was no blood supply enter the blood. And this leads to severe poisoning of the body, to the shutdown of the kidneys, - explains Komarovsky.

The larger the area of damage, the more difficult the condition of the body will be. The liver and kidneys, which are responsible for the removal of toxins from the body, suffer more strongly in this situation.

With a mild degree of the syndrome of prolonged compression, the chances of the victim to recover are quite high. For example, with proper treatment, kidney function will recover in five days. With a severe degree, the patient's condition will continue to deteriorate.

The doctor told how to extract the injured limb correctly.

Immediately after extraction, a tight bandage of the limb is necessary, cold is applied to it, immobilization (immobilization of the limb) is carried out, and urgently - in surgery, the doctor says.

At the same time, the main requirement is the timeliness of the provision of such assistance and subsequent hospitalization.

If the limb was under the rubble for more than 15 minutes, and you do not have the opportunity to immediately transport the victim to a medical institution, you cannot stop pressure on the wound yourself. This should be done by professional rescuers, emphasizes Komarovsky.

Long-term compression syndrome (crash syndrome, traumatic toxicosis) is a specific variant of injury associated with massive long-term crushing of soft tissues or compression of the main vascular trunks of the extremities, occurring in 20-30% of cases during emergency destruction of buildings, collapses, earthquakes, etc. It is one of the severe injuries, the treatment of which is of considerable difficulty.

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