The AFU is ready to meet an enemy landing force on the Black Sea

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AFU ready to land enemy troops on Black Sea coast

In the Nikolayev and Odessa regions, a line of defence has been lined up against the enemy landing force.

Major-General Andrey Kovalchuk, commander of the troops of the Southern Operational Command, said.

Kovalchuk recalled that the Russians have not been able to land their landing on the coast since 24 February 2022:

The Black Sea coast today is also a line of defense. And we are keeping an eye on it. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, the entire Black Sea coastline, in particular, in Odessa and Nikolaev regions, has been provided with anti-assault defense. Our task is to leave no chance for the enemy to implement the criminal plans.

Kovalchuk also spoke about the readiness of the Defence Forces to meet the enemy:

We are keeping counter forces at the ready and ready to use weapons, so enemy ships are kept remotely, out of range. We have also prepared booby traps for them from the sea.

The major general stressed that the Defense Forces of the south did not allow the Russian invaders to land at the beginning of the invasion, and will not let them do so now.on the shores of the Black Sea

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