North Korea makes statement on arms transfer to Russia

North Korea says it has never supplied arms or ammunition to Russia
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North Korea said it did not transfer weapons or ammunition to Russia.

Earlier, photos from the front were distributed on the network, allegedly of ammunition marked with the DPRK. And Deputy Press Secretary of the US State Department Vedant Patel stated that the Russian Federation is engaged in purchasing millions of missiles and artillery shells in North Korea for use on the territory of our country.

Representatives of the DPRK Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying their country has never supplied weapons or ammunition to Russia. This was reported in Reuters.

Recently, the US and other enemy forces have been talking about "violating the resolution" of the UN Security Council by spreading "rumors of arms trade" between the DPRK and Russia. We have never exported arms or ammunition to Russia before and we have no plans to export them, the statement said.

Also earlier, White House national security spokesman John Kirby said that there was no sign of a completed purchase and that these weapons were used inside Ukraine.

According to the UN resolution, any agreement on purchasing weapons from North Korea is a violation aimed at prohibiting the distribution of weapons from Pyongyang.

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