Almost a meter of snow fell in the Carpathians and an avalanche descended. VIDEO

Snow has fallen in the Carpathians over the past few days and an avalanche has occurred
Читати українською

In the Carpathians now frost, snow and blizzard.

Such weather will last in the Carpathians for at least the next few days.

As of 09:20, 09/22/2022 in Pip Ivan Chernogorsky it is cloudy, visibility is limited to 40 meters, snow. West wind 7-8 m/s. The air temperature is -3°C, - reports the Montenegrin mountain search and rescue post.

Tourists are urged to refrain from hiking in the highlands in the coming days.

It has never happened before that an avalanche came down in the Ukrainian Carpathians in September. We remind tourists that the weather conditions in the mountains are almost winter - frost, snow and blizzard, - the main department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region.

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