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12:45, 21.03.2023

Russian occupiers try to advance towards the centre of Bakhmut.

The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyy, said this on his Telegram account.

According to Syrskyy, heavy fighting continues in the Bakhmut direction, with the occupants trying to advance towards the centre of Bakhmut, but the defence forces are preventing them from doing so.

The defence of Bakhmut continues. Intense fighting is taking place along the entire front line in the area of responsibility of the Eastern Group of Forces. In the Bakhmut direction, enemy equipment, enemy manpower and enemy depots are constantly being destroyed.

Syrsky also said that the artillery of the 24th Brigade of the King Daniel Brigade is striking heavily. King Daniil artillery is striking powerful blows against enemy positions. And paratroopers of the 80th Brigade are holding back enemy assaults, preventing them from advancing.

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Artur Zayonts

Artur Zayonts specialises in news from the frontline. A historian by education, Arthur has always sought to bring depth and context to his journalistic work.