Danilov: China will not become Russia's accomplice

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China will not become Russia's accomplice

Each country has its own interest, its own benefit from certain events taking place in the world.

The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, said this in an interview with Radio Svoboda published on Friday, 17 March.

We must be aware of these things. We must understand and make certain adjustments to these things. I can say that Russia's hopes (for a prolonged war - ed.) will not come true, they have the internal capacity already at a certain point. The only thing they need to strengthen is to attract other countries. We know these countries," the NSDC secretary explained.

One of the main partners of Russia is Iran, but Danilov noted that there are "several countries that are in the risk zone, but they have not yet crossed that limit:

And, of course, there is a great hope for Russians in the great China, that it will help Russia. We don't understand why China would help Russia. Because China is a big country that has its own way of development? And will there be a combination of these things, then we have to understand how the world should react to it. And I want to stress once again: we think that China will not be an accomplice to Russia. Because these countries that are starting to participate in these things together with Russia are participants in the killing of civilians. Putin killed 500 of our children during the hot phase of the war, specifically since February 24th.

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