"Leaking Ukrainian army positions near Bakhmut: SBU apprehends criminals

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16:00, 16.03.2023

Two women have been detained in Donetsk Region for passing data on movements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the aggressor.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

It is noted that one of the enemy informants is a nurse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' combat unit.

The SBU reported that the "area of special attention" included the routes of possible movement of heavy armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces towards the eastern front.

The intruders also recorded the results of shelling of Ukrainian infrastructure to correct repeated strikes.

It is noted that the intelligence information was needed by the occupants to plan combat operations near Bakhmut.

If the region was captured, the Russians promised their informants leadership positions in the local occupation administration.

Counter-intelligence officers detained the enemy female agents while they were on a reconnaissance mission. One was informed of suspicion of treason and the other of spreading information about the movement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Both are being held in custody.

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