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What war crimes has Russia committed in Ukraine

on 16 March it published a report of an investigation into violations of international law during Russia's all-out war against Ukraine.

According to the report, war crimes include:

  • attacks on civilians and energy infrastructure;
  • intentional killing;
  • unlawful imprisonment;
  • torture;
  • rape and other sexual violence;
  • unlawful transfer and deportation of children.

The Commission has gathered evidence which shows that the Russian Federation has committed:

  • deliberate killing of civilians and people who were not taking part in hostilities;
  • russian forces have carried out indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks using explosive weapons in populated areas with a clear disregard for the impact on civilians;
  • russian military forces have been carrying out attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure since October 2022 (an issue the Commission called for further investigation);
  • unlawful deprivation of liberty in the occupied territories;
  • torture based on language and nationality;
  • "numerous cases of rape, sexual and gender-based violence";
  • as well as forced displacement and deportation of children.

At the same time, the Commission's report notes:

The Commission also documented a small number of violations committed by the Ukrainian armed forces, including likely indiscriminate attacks and two incidents qualifying as war crimes in which Russian prisoners of war were shot, wounded and tortured.

The UN Independent Commission concluded that all violations and crimes should be investigated and those responsible brought to justice nationally or internationally.

The commission also said that it could not gather evidence of genocide of Ukrainians after the full-scale invasion by the Russians.

However, the head of the commission, Eric Mese, said that the group had collected evidence and that there were "some aspects that might raise questions" about possible genocide, The Guardian reported.

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