UN comments on video of Ukrainian soldier shot after saying "Glory to Ukraine"

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The UN commented on the video of the shooting of a Ukrainian soldier
15:23, 08.03.2023

The United Nations said it considers the viral video showing the apparent execution of a captured Ukrainian soldier by Russian troops to be authentic.

A spokeswoman for the UN Office for Human Rights told AFP, The Guardian has said

The footage shows a detained Ukrainian fighter standing in a shallow trench, being shot at with several machine guns after he says "Glory to Ukraine".

We are aware of this video published on social media, which shows a Ukrainian soldier [not in combat] coming out of battle, probably executed by the Russian armed forces. Based on preliminary examination, we believe the video may be genuine," the spokesperson for the UN Human Rights Office told Agence France-Presse.

The report notes that the UN Human Rights Office has documented numerous violations of humanitarian law by the Russians against prisoners of war since the start of the full-scale invasion, including cases of unconvicted executions of both Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war. The speaker calls for impartial and effective investigation and punishment.

We shall remind you that on 6 March, a video of the killing of a Ukrainian POW appeared online. It shows a Ukrainian soldier saying "Glory to Ukraine", after which he is immediately shot dead. According to the General Staff's preliminary version, the dead man was Timofey Shadura, a soldier of the 30th Brigade.

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