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11:15, 31.03.2023

Applications will be closed on the first of April.

This was reported by a representative of the National Guard of Ukraine, Ruslan Muzychuk, on the air of the unified news marathon.

According to him, over 35,000 have already applied to join the brigades of the Offensive Guards. Of them more than 16 thousand are in the units that are part of the National Guard.

The total number of applications which have been submitted for nearly two months to all the units of the Interior Ministry (which are part of the "Offensive Guards" - ed.) is just over 35,000. And more than 16 thousand are precisely those concerning our subdivisions.

Already 10 percent of those who have applied have been enrolled in military units.

It is worth recalling that the acceptance of applications for the Guardia Nazionale is scheduled to end on April 1. At the same time, the Interior Ministry does not rule out that because of the high activity of volunteers, the Offensive Guard brigades will be formed after 1 April.

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Artur Zayonts specialises in news from the frontline. A historian by education, Arthur has always sought to bring depth and context to his journalistic work.