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11:45, 31.03.2023

Not only technology, but also puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and toys have been banned from exporting to Russia.

This was reported by the Japanese government's press office.

According to the official announcement, the Japanese government's new sanctions package bans exports of components for the aviation, space industry, as well as materials and parts that could be used for drone production.

We will implement the measures based on the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The new sanctions package will come into force on 7 April.

The list of goods banned for export to Russia also includes:

  • steel and products thereof;
  • aluminium and aluminium products;
  • construction machinery (hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, etc.)
  • aircraft engines;
  • electrical equipment and parts, radio navigation equipment, generators;
  • aircraft and spacecraft, spare parts for them, and UAVs;
  • optical, photographic and measuring equipment and parts thereof;
  • all toys with wheels as well as prefabricated models and models, puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.
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