Zelensky met with the Rheinmetall delegation: what was discussed

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Zelenski meets German defence industry delegation
18:50, 30.03.2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has met a delegation of the German defence industry concern Rheinmetall AG led by its chairman Armin Papperger.

This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian president.

During the meeting they discussed the current state of cooperation between Ukraine and the concern and prospects for its development.

It is noted that Volodymyr Zelenskyy focused on the need to further deepen and intensify the partnership in order to meet the urgent needs of the AFU and strengthen the defence capabilities of our country in the future.

And also the Head of State thanked Rheinmetall and all the people of Germany for their comprehensive assistance and support to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

We appreciate this important assistance in our fight for freedom and democratic values," Volodymyr Zelensky stressed.

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Evgenia Ruban

Eugenia Ruban writes about political and economic news. She looks at large-scale phenomena in Ukrainian politics and economics from the perspective of how they will affect ordinary Ukrainians.