The AFU may create a separate exclusively female combat unit

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The AFU is considering the idea of creating a separate all-female combat unit
00:00, 16.03.2023

Such a unit could be set up at least as an experiment.

Bohdan Senyk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesman, responded to hromadske's request by saying:

The creation of a female combat unit in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations will have a positive impact on the development of the AFU, ensure access to positions for women and provide opportunities and equality of rights for their military service.

Marine Corps servicewoman Yaryna Chernigoz proposed creating a reconnaissance, aerial reconnaissance, sapper, sniper, mortar platoon or artillery battery for female servicewomen. The AFU described such a proposal as "acceptable after they have undergone appropriate training".

Chernihoz stressed the main advantages of a female unit:

  • a similar level of physical training;
  • absence of sexism and gender bias;
  • specialisation of the unit: reconnaissance, aerial reconnaissance, infantry, demining, sniping, artillery and others; - better combat management by women.

Journalists write, Chornoguz explained that a woman's physical training differs from a man's - for example, she can run slower. In addition, it is difficult for a woman to get into a combat company. And in the same unit, women could be at the same level.

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