Teacher targeting occupier's missiles at schools in Sloviansk

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Slaviansk teacher helped occupants shell schools
08:45, 13.01.2023

Former teacher sentenced to eight years for aiding an aggressor country.

The verdict published in the Unified State Register of Court Decisions reports:

The defendant, a physics teacher from Malynivska school, while in Sloviansk, reported to the enemy the locations of AFU units during the spring and summer. He passed all the information via a Telegram bot to "DNR" terrorists.

It is noted that he told the enemy the addresses of educational institutions where he believed that the AFU units were located.

During the trial, the defendant sincerely repented and fully pleaded guilty to the criminal offence. The Slovyansk city district court sentenced the convict to eight years in prison and placed him in a closed penitentiary institution

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