Ukrainian fighters continue fighting for Soledar - Malyar

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Ukrainian military continue fighting for Soledar in Donetsk region

The AFU tries to hold the defence of Soledar despite the Russian onslaught.

The Ukrainian deputy defence minister, Anna Malyar, said this on Telegram.

According to her, it has been a difficult night. But Ukrainian defenders are trying to hold the defence. The fighting is still going on.

The enemy has thrown almost all the main forces to the Donetsk direction and maintains a high intensity of the offensive. Our fighters are bravely trying to hold the defense.

Malyar noted that this is a difficult stage of the war, but Ukraine will still win.

It is worth noting that the Russians have been saying for several days in a row that they have captured Soledar. At the same time, the General Staff denies this information and says that fighting in the city is continuing.

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