An "anti-terrorist operation" continues in the Russian Belgorod region

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10:45, 23.05.2023

Local residents who have evacuated are advised not to return to their homes for the time being.

This was reported by Russian Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov on his Telegram.

Russian authorities continue to fight the "terrorists" who infiltrated the Belgorod region on May 22. And has even introduced a "counter-terrorist operation" there to do so.

The governor said that the Defence Ministry and security agencies are continuing to sweep the area in the Graivoron district.

At the same time, he advised not to return to their homes of local residents who had evacuated for the time being.

But don`t return to your homes just yet, I`m telling the residents of Graivoron district who left their homes temporarily, thank you very much. We will report right away and I will inform in my social networks and the heads of local authorities will give information when it will be safe.

It is worth recalling that as of yesterday, the Russians began a sudden war with the Russians on the territory of Belgorod Oblast. "The Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Freedom Legion crossed the border and said they would liberate Russian territory from the incumbent authorities. So far they have liberated the villages of Kozinka and Gora Podol.

The start of the Russian civil war has not yet been officially announced.

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