Ukraine is unlikely to receive reparations from Russia

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Ukraine will not be able to receive compensation from the arrest of Russian assets

Ukraine will seek funds from the confiscation of international Russian assets

However, it is unlikely to receive compensation quickly. Since Russia announced its withdrawal from the Council of Europe and established at the level of its legislation that it will not comply with decisions taken by the ECtHR after March 15, 2022.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has already filed the first part of the lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights for gross violations of the human rights convention by Russia. Irina Mudraya, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, announced this at a briefing.

According to her, the claim to the International Court of Justice on violation of the Convention on Combating Genocide also does not have too many prospects for obtaining compensation.

Today, discussions are underway on how to compensate for the losses inflicted by the Russian Federation on Ukraine. Our country is working on the creation of a compensation commission. However, this requires the political will of our international partners. Because there are doubts about a possible violation of human rights due to the confiscation of private assets of Russian citizens.

To recover private funds in some countries, changes in legislation must be made, and in some even the constitution must be changed. We must find the right formula so that such assets can be confiscated,” said Irina Mudraya.

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