Terrorists in Donbas announced new death penalty for foreigners

"Court of the DPR" charged five foreigners
Читати українською

The "Court of the DPR" accused five foreigners of hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian army.

The "DPR court prosecuted five foreigners," and three were sentenced to death. The Russian propaganda agency RIA Novosti writes about this.

According to the propaganda media, these are Mathias Gustavsson (Sweden), Vekoslav Prebeg (Croatia), John Harding, Andrew Hill, and Dylan Hill (Britain).

It is reported that the "accused" sentence is clear, but none of them agreed with the charges.

Recall that on June 9, the terrorists “sentenced” to death three foreign fighters who defended Ukraine: Briton Aiden Eislin, Sean Pinner, and Moroccan Saadoune Brahimi.

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