US shows DPRK sending weapons to Russia

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US provides evidence of DPRK sending weapons to Russia

North Korea continues to claim it is not sending arms to the Russians.

The US has handed over evidence to experts at the UN Security Council that North Korea is sending weapons to neighbouring Russia, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told a briefing on Friday, 20 January.

He stressed that North Korea's arms shipments were in direct violation of a UN Security Council resolution, and also pointed out that Pyongyang continued to lie about not doing so.

"We have seen North Korean officials falsely deny supplying weapons to the Wagner PMC," he stressed

Speaking of North Korean lies, Kirby showed reporters in Washington, D.C., satellite images from Oct. 18 showing "that five Russian railroad cars left Russia for North Korea on Nov. 18. The next day, North Korea loaded those railroad cars, containers, and then the train returned to Russia."

US shows DPRK sending weapons to Russia

He added that Pyongyang's military assistance to Moscow had not changed the dynamics of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and that Russia was seeking further arms from the DPRK.

We shall remind you that the USA accuses North Korea of secretly supplying Russia with a large number of artillery shells to wage war in Ukraine.

North Korea is considering the possibility of participating in the war on the territory of Ukraine

North Korea may send its soldiers to war in Ukraine - media

12:55, 06.08.22
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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