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How many Russian military personnel are in Mariupol
10:00, 04.02.2023

In the last week alone, the Russian occupier's military corps there has increased by 10-15 thousand men.

This was reported by an adviser to Mariupol mayor Petro Andryushchenko.

Andryushchenko said that most of the occupants are stationed in Mariupol district in villages according to the "human shield" tactics:

"All in all, we can talk about approximately 30 thousand occupants concentrated in Mariupol and the district. At the same time, "mop-ups" have intensified primarily in the settlements of the Mariupol district.

Andryushchenko noted that the occupiers were also forming detachments:

The final touch of the week (is) the entry of a new unit of "kadyrovtsy" in one of the seaside villages in the amount of 2-3 thousand. Perhaps this is the formation of a "barrier unit" for a potential offensive, because, according to our information, no major "Rosgvardiya" actions are planned either in Mariupol or in the district.

The advisor also spoke about the active movement of equipment being carried out at night in an attempt to bypass Mariupol:

At the same time, the military occupiers themselves are quite chatty with the locals. They report a priority direction of attack on Ugledar and Zaporizhia.

As a result, the impression is that reserves are actively being formed to continue the attack on Ugledar.

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