Volunteers manage to return 16 Ukrainian children from Russia

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16 Ukrainian children trafficked to Russia successfully returned

The youngest of the children is 8 years old and the oldest is 17.

The children have already returned home, Save Ukraine volunteers reported on their Facebook page.

It wasn't easy to get the children back home. First we had to find them, make preparations and get there. And then we had to resolve the situation on the spot, because the camp authorities constantly resisted the mothers and made up excuses not to let the children return to Ukraine. When the situation was finally resolved, there was another obstacle: our group was not allowed out of their territory by Russian border guards. Only at the Latvian border we managed to leave Russia together with the children.

This is the third successful operation by a volunteer organisation to rescue children forcibly deported by the Russians to their territory. It is noted that they will continue to work to recover all children who have been kidnapped by the Russians.

As of November 2022, around 300,000 Ukrainian children have been removed from the temporarily occupied territories by the Russians. These abductions are often accompanied by forced adoption, russification and the changing of all personal details.

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