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Russia tries to use Ukrainian journalists in new provocation - GUR

In this way, Russia wants to ensure that foreign partners reduce military aid to Ukraine.

Russia intends to use Ukrainian journalists to conduct information and psychological operations (IPSO), the Ukrainian Central Intelligence Directorate has said.

The intelligence officers pointed out that a comprehensive and large-scale planting of fake news by the Russians in order to be replicated by the Ukrainian media is expected in the near future.

The special services of the aggressor country plan to address Ukrainian journalists on behalf of popular Western publications with offers to provide information on the state of the Ukrainian economy, the political situation in the state and the activity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

According to the SDC, in this way Russia wants to reduce military assistance to Ukraine from its foreign partners, as well as to collect information about the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex (MIC).

The MPs urged journalists to carefully check the sources from which they receive offers of cooperation.

British intelligence believes Russia is engaging prisoners in arms production

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13:30, 13.01.23
Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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