IDP screening: what it is for and how it is carried out

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14:32, 15.03.2023

Ukraine has long conducted residency checks inside displaced persons, but not everyone understands why they are needed.

The Ministry of Reintegration explained the circumstances under which social service workers must carry them out.

The main reason for such inspections is suspicion of improperly receiving assistance for IDPs. Suspicions can arise if a person fails to report a move or change of registration to social services.

It is emphasised that social services who carry out checks should warn internally displaced persons about the verification visit.

In particular, an official of the National Social Service must draw up a relevant act when carrying out an inspection. They must also leave a note to come to the social welfare office for identification within 10 days.

It is only in case of non-appearance that IDPs may have their IDP status revoked and the payments envisaged for them terminated.

We cannot allow any discrimination against internally displaced persons. People have to be warned. They do not have to stay at home 24/7 so as not to lose monetary assistance from the state, which they badly need. Checks should be carried out only when there is a suspicion of improper receipt of assistance," Iryna Vereshchuk said.

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