Climatologist warns: war exacerbates climate change in Ukraine

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War is changing the climate in Ukraine

Russia is destroying our industry in the east and south of the country, leading to significant environmental pollution.

This was told in an interview with climatologist Evgenia Zasyadko.

Also, the Russian Federation is destroying our energy system. For example, the shutdown of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant may lead to the fact that Ukraine will have to look for something to replace this energy. It may be necessary to use more gas or coal, so that emissions will grow, - said Evgenia Zasyadko.

The climatologist also spoke about the consequences that may arise in connection with the disaster at the ZNPP.

If anything happens at the ZNPP, it will mean a second Chernobyl. The only difference is that ZNPP is closer to the Black Sea, which can also be polluted. The catastrophe at the nuclear power plant, if something happens, will be felt by the whole world. The cloud after the explosion can go towards the countries of the European Union, and towards the Russian Federation or Turkey or Moldova. Radiation pollution will be very high… That is why all European countries are monitoring the situation at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, trying to influence the Russian Federation,” the climatologist said.

Evgenia Zasiadko also spoke about the changes the war unleashed by Russia is already causing in ecology.

It can be unequivocally said that war increases climate change. For example, there is a constant movement of military equipment that uses many times more fuel than ordinary cars. This affects the pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gas emissions. It is worth thinking about the pollution of rivers. For example, I recently read how a downed Russian helicopter was pulled out of the river near Kyiv. And the pollution of our rivers affects the quality of water, - Yevgenia Zasyadko summed up.

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