Kiev residents show how they are preparing for a nuclear strike

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How Kiev residents are preparing for nuclear war

Correspondents from the US newspaper The Washington Post spoke to several Kiev residents who described their plans in the event of a nuclear threat.

Although experts and Pentagon officials assess the threat of a nuclear strike as small, many Kyiv residents consider the risks to be enough to at least make plans in case of nuclear war.

The US publication also tells readers that Kiev already has a network of nuclear shelters in the form of a metro system, and that an additional 425 shelters are being prepared in the Kiev region with food, water and radio equipment.

"The Washington Post wrote:

To a greater or lesser extent, people in Kiev are contemplating the possibility of a nuclear bomb falling on Kiev, a possibility they have been led to believe by Putin's endless threats to use "all necessary means" in the war and frequent references to nuclear weapons on Russian political shows.

For example, the journalists talked to Natalya Sulima, a young mother, who prepared an "emergency suitcase" for her 5-year old son Michail, containing not only survival essentials, but also a transformer toy and a favourite book about a boy living with dragons.

Another interviewee of the American publication Pavel Guk also has a survival kit. In addition, he has prepared the basement of his house for habitation. He has also rented a house in the countryside and plans to take a generator, food and fuel there. However, Pavel admitted that his relatives made no such arrangements and in case of a nuclear explosion they would die.

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