Kuleba: Kiev's shelters won't have enough room for everyone in case of a nuclear strike

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Kiev and regional authorities work to equip shelters in the region

Underground stations will serve as shelters for the capital's residents.

Kiev authorities are preparing another 425 out-of-town shelters with food and water supplies and radio equipment, The Washington Post reported

However, the head of the OVA admitted that, unfortunately, there may not be enough shelters for everyone. Moreover, the shelter in case of a nuclear strike will be closed 5 minutes before the likely explosion to protect the inside from radiation fallout.

For those who won't make it to the shelter in time or for those who won't have room in the shelter, the authorities give the following advice:

  • if a nuclear explosion catches you outside, do not look at it under any circumstances, because you could go blind. Lie on the ground face down with your feet in the direction of the explosion. Cover all exposed parts of your body, wait for the blast wave to pass and pay attention to where the wind is blowing. Then move in a direction perpendicular to the wind direction to find some interior shelter, preferably an inner room.
  • take off your outer clothing and put it in a plastic bag before entering the room. Once inside, cover the doors and any windows with duct tape. Take your radio with you and tune in to get advice on when it is safe to leave because mobile networks are unlikely to work.

Advice will not guarantee 100% rescue, as it all depends on the ammunition the enemy uses and the location of the attack, but there is a chance of being rescued.

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