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18:20, 30.03.2023

Military families are recommended to have information about the military unit and contact information of the management of the employees. This can help in critical situations.

A list of data recommended to be recorded by families of servicemen has been prepared by the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

The full list is:

  • surname, first name and patronymic;
  • date of birth;
  • copy of passport;
  • contact details of the territorial recruitment and social support centre from which they were or were mobilised;
  • name and number of the military unit or service unit
  • contact data of the military unit's permanent deployment location for position and rank, military occupation (if known)
  • personal identity number (ID number), military ID card or temporary military ID card (scanned copy) or badge number
  • surname, first name, patronymic and contacts of fellow service personnel
  • name and contacts of the immediate commanding officer;
  • full name and contacts of the unit commander;
  • hotline telephone number of the unit, brigade, grouping.

The Coordination Staff notes that this information can help the families of Defenders and Defenders in critical situations.

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