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Danilov: Moscow pleads for talks through intermediaries
10:00, 07.02.2023

Putin has set the task of fully capturing the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Oleksiy Danilov, said this in an interview with Radio NV.

Danilov stated:

Putin has set the task of fully seizing the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, there is no secret about it. Moreover, they are now trying to understand that they have no chance to achieve the (goals) they set themselves to seize our country. Therefore, they are begging for today. They are taking a whole pool of negotiators.

They are working very hard with certain groups so they can enter the negotiations. Brazil and other groups are mediating - "let us negotiate to somehow resolve this issue.

According to the NSDC secretary, Ukraine has rather simple four demands for Russia:

  • Liberation of all Ukrainian territories that are now temporarily occupied;
  • Accountability through a tribunal of those people who started the war, who are killing children, elderly people, women, who have nothing to do with the military;
  • Guarantees of Ukraine's security;
  • Accountability.

Danilov also gave his opinion on the negotiations with Putin:

This absurdity that is happening today has to end sooner or later. We have to put a stop to it. When we have some people who think that we have to be put in some framework to talk to Putin about something - of course yes, but first Putin has to fulfill the conditions that our country has. It does not work any other way.

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