Banks require migrants to update their place of residence: government against

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IDPs are obliged to update information about themselves in banks: the CMU believes that it is unlawful

The government considers such demands illegal.

PrivatBank began to require IDPs from Donetsk and Lugansk regions to contact the offices of the financial institution and update the data on their place of residence. The bank also offers to do this through the Privat24 mobile application. At the same time, people must provide a document confirming that they live at the new address. Similar demands were put forward by Alfa-Bank and Pravex-Bank, writes , citing its sources.

However, the government believes that such requirements of banks are illegal. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk.

According to Vereshchuk, in order to update the account, the bank requires a certificate of IDP registration (even if such data has already been provided to the bank or the client does not have IDP status).

In some cases, they are required to come to the office. Otherwise, they warn that during August they will block the account. But this is unacceptable,” Vereshchuk stressed.

According to her, the Cabinet of Ministers has already turned to the National Bank with a request to look into the situation.

In turn, Privatbank explained that in this way they intend to secure the accounts of Ukrainians, so they ask them to confirm their personal data or report changes that have occurred in their lives.

At the same time, they emphasized that verification of bank customers who, due to the war, ended up in territories temporarily occupied by the enemy or forced to evacuate to safe regions of the country, is mandatory.

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18:15, 26.08.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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