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“The situation in Bakhmut is getting worse”, — Deputy Mayor of Bakhmut Marchenko
Word and deed

According to local authorities, shelling from Russia is increasing, more civilians are dying.

This is reported by Channel 24 with reference to the words of the Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayor of Bakhmut Alexander Marchenko.

More and more shootings. Three civilians have died in the past 24 hours. Four houses burned down. In the morning they fired again. There is water supply, but due to the shelling, repair teams eliminate network breaks every day,” Marchenko said.

According to the mayor, the Armed Forces of Ukraine control the situation in the city. But shelling from the Russians is constantly increasing. Recently, three civilians died from shelling.

In addition, due to enemy shelling, part of the city was left without electricity. Departure of repair teams to the places of damage is impossible due to the intensity of "arrivals" of Russian shells.

Marchenko noted that there is no humanitarian catastrophe. But the price tags in stores are quite high. The market, hospitals and pharmacies are open.

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