Ukrainian army explains why Ukraine needs F-16 fighter jets

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15:00, 19.03.2023

Ukraine is expecting multi-purpose F-16 fighters from Western partners.

Ukraine needs F-16 fighter jets not for attacks against Russia, but for protection against Russian terrorist missile attacks on our cities and critical infrastructure. Yuriy Ignat, a spokesmanfor the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said this in an interview with Channel 24.

According to the speaker, such aircraft can protect critical and civilian infrastructure from Russian terrorist missile attacks.

Long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, which are to come to Ukraine, and then in small numbers, can counter these threats. As well as modern multipurpose fighters, using air-to-air missiles such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM," Ignatt explained.

He said one modification of the AIM-120 AMRAAM can hit air targets at ranges up to 180 kilometres.

Ignat said that with such fighters at its disposal, Ukraine could significantly move the front line away from its borders and make life in the border areas safer.

The speaker added that the MiG and Su-type aircraft that Ukraine has are not able to shoot down cruise missiles and Shahids effectively.

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12:50, 17.03.23
Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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