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15:30, 19.03.2023

In many post-Soviet countries, system administrators still use unlicensed software.

Russian special services, with the help of hackers, are trying to gain access to Ukrainians' computers in order to obtain data and spread malicious programmes. This was reported by the State Security Service of Ukraine.

They add malicious code to hacked software posted on torrents. Hackers Trojanize ISO and installation files and place them in free access on torrent trackers," the service says.

They noted that for a long time, the attackers do not give any indication of their presence.

Computers of departments and enterprises are of particular interest for the Russians.

Gosspetsvyaz explains that the task of Russian hackers is facilitated by the fact that in many post-Soviet countries system administrators are still using unlicensed software (including operating systems) in institutions and companies of various forms of ownership, which is distributed through torrent trackers.

It is dangerous to use a cracked operating system as in this case the crackers have full administrative access to the computer on which it is installed", experts warn.

They also warn that ordinary Ukrainians can also become victims of hackers if they use pirated software.

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Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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