Ukrainian refugees may be left on the streets in the UK: details

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Ukrainians can be evicted from their homes in Britain

In Britain, the sponsorship program for Ukrainians, which was designed for six months, is ending.

The Guardian writes about it.

It is reported that 50,000 refugees may be left on the streets by next year. And by winter, this figure will be 15-20 thousand people left without a roof over their heads. Ministers refuse to offer a new support package to offset the looming crisis because all these people risk becoming homeless.

As the cost-of-living crisis intensifies and the war with Russia sees no end in sight, fears are growing that the government's "Houses for Ukraine" program will collapse next month when the original six-month deadline for hosting refugees ends without alternative housing being provided, the report said.

Previously, families who admitted refugees received £350 a month.

Problems with rent

Even those Ukrainians who have a stable income and can rent housing find themselves in a difficult situation. After all, you must pay an advance payment for 6-12 months. Given the high rental prices in Britain, this is almost unrealistic.

A refugee from Kyiv, Olga Plyushch, said it is a vicious circle for refugees. They cannot pay large deposits and have no experience in the UK or as voluntary guarantors.

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