Audit and layoffs in executive authorities are coming in Ukraine

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In Ukraine, cuts will be made in ministries, central executive authorities, territorial bodies

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 824-r. September 16, 2022

In national security and defense bodies, audits and reductions will not be carried out. This follows from Resolution No. 824-r adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the resolution, the audit will take place until October 31, 2022, except for the bodies located on the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

Based on the results of the functional audit, prepare and submit by December 23, 2022, for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposals to improve the efficiency of public administration and public service, the resolution says.

And reports, according to the resolution, must be submitted by November 2, 2022, to the Cabinet of Ministers and the National Agency for Civil Service.

By the Methodology for conducting a functional audit of executive authorities under martial law, an operational audit is a process of determining critical, relevant, and irrelevant functions of administrative management to prepare proposals for their preservation or exclusion, the need to perform or non-execution in martial law, - says in the ruling.

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