Watermelons stolen from Ukraine are being sold in Russia

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Russians sell watermelons stolen from Ukrainians
19:35, 24.07.2022

The Russians are not ashamed of their theft, moreover, they emphasize it.

Kherson watermelons stolen in Ukraine are being sold in Krasnodar, Russia. For one kg of berries they ask for 25 rubles - almost 16 hryvnias. The Russian telegram channel SOTA writes about this.

Trophy watermelons from Kherson are sold in Krasnodar: they appeared at the market in the Gorodok Zhukov microdistrict, where mostly retired military personnel live, the telegram channel writes.

In addition, watermelons are "marked" with the Latin letter Z, which is banned throughout the civilized world because of the war in Ukraine.

Earlier, the news agency KrasnodarMedia found Kherson watermelons also in the market of the Enka microdistrict.

In Ukraine, a difficult situation with watermelons is predicted. The captured Kherson region is the leader in their cultivation. Therefore, watermelons will rise in price. The cost of berries and vegetables will be affected by the cost of fuel and logistics routes.

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