Interior Ministry warns of imminent end to recruitment for Offensive Guard

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Interior Ministry announces recruitment deadline for the Offensive Guard
18:00, 25.03.2023

Those wishing to join the group have very few days left.

The Interior Ministry is finalising recruitment for the Offensive Guard. Applications from applicants will be accepted until Saturday, 1 April. Deputy Interior Minister Kateryna Pavlichenko made the announcement during a national telethon.

Today we are staffing six brigades of the National Guard, one brigade of the State Security Service of Ukraine and one brigade of the National Police. At the beginning of February, we announced recruitment for these brigades. A recruitment campaign will run until April 1," she said.

She noted that all those who wish to join the group have little time left, but they can still apply.

This can either be done through the website or at the nearest Administrative Services Centre, or by submitting an application form at the locations of the units. We have a large number of applicants, most of them are being trained and trained in combat, and will soon begin to carry out combat missions," Pavlichenko stressed.

Deputy Minister pointed out that 5% of the total number of applications came from women.

At the same time, Pavlichenko said that most of the formations are military personnel with combat experience.

"Attack Guard" is a project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the main task of which is to form assault brigades in the National Guard, National Police and State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The formation is tasked with liberating territories temporarily occupied by the Russians. People are being recruited on a volunteer basis.

It is known that the Offensive Guard is tasked with combating enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups, conducting mop-ups, participating in the liberation of occupied territories, demining the de-occupied territories, and maintaining security in the de-occupied territories.

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11:40, 25.03.23
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