500 tonnes of humanitarian aid rotting in Kyiv

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500 tonnes of rotting humanitarian aid found in Kyiv warehouses

The humanitarian aid is gradually being snatched away by rats.

In Kyiv, 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid is rotting in warehouses, eaten and stolen by rats. The cargo was delivered to Ukraine last spring. But it is still in the warehouses. This is what the UNIAN says.

Packages with military ammunition, food, medical equipment were sent free of charge by foreigners to the military and civilians in Ukraine. But dozens of trucks of foreign aid are stuck in the capital. Tons of aid from Japan and Poland, Azerbaijan, Britain and other countries lie in warehouses. Food is rotting and deteriorating, military ammunition is gathering dust," reports the agency.

Law enforcers are investigating the situation. They have sealed the premises and are seizing the property.

The cargo is in unsanitary conditions, said Vasili Moiseenko, director of the company Road to Life, the warehouses' landlord.

You go in and rats are running around on humanitarian aid, baby food and eating it all. These warehouses have everything from medicines, medical equipment, stretchers for the military, military rations, humanitarian boxes that were provided to Ukraine - I found out later, were provided to Ukraine, and they are stored in these private warehouses," he said.

500 tonnes of humanitarian aid rotting in Kyiv

According to preliminary estimates, there are about 500 tonnes of food, ammunition and household chemicals in the warehouse - a total of at least twenty-five large lorries.

They also noticed that someone was opening the packages and "choosing something more worthwhile".

Law enforcers have already opened criminal proceedings. Law enforcers are now working at the warehouses with a court order. The tenants who tried to remove everything in the warehouses have so far refused to comment.

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