It has been revealed where Kyiv was hit by missiles

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Air force says where missiles struck Kyiv from

On the morning of 14 January, Kyiv was attacked by missiles.

On the morning of 14 January, Russia attacked Kyiv with missiles flying from the northern direction on a ballistic trajectory, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said on 24 TV channel.

These are most likely missiles that flew on a ballistic trajectory. From the northern direction. Ballistics are not available for us to detect and shoot it down

Ignat said experts would be examining the wreckage as to exactly what type of missiles the enemy used on Saturday, but "it is clear that they were either ballistic missiles or C 300 anti-aircraft missiles flying on a ballistic trajectory".

He clarified that the missile alert was late due to lack of radar data and information from other sources, Ignat stressed:

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have no effective means of detecting and destroying ballistic missiles

The Air Force spokesman also confirmed that a group of Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers are now in the air. It is not known whether they will launch missiles, their flight is being monitored.

Ukrainians warned of possible massive strike on 14 January

Residents of Ukraine warned of a possible massive strike against the country

11:15, 14.01.23
Elena Rasenko
Elena Rasenko
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