Russians storm Bakhmut again

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Russians tried to break through near Bakhmut, AFU repulsed the attack

The Russian military tried to breach the front line near Bakhmut but ZSU repulsed the attack.

This was reported by the Defence Ministry's press service.

The situation is stable - there is daily shelling. Yesterday they tried to break through our positions. The attack was repelled, the Russians retreated - it is more or less calm now," said an AFU soldier.

Such attacks on this section of the front occur regularly. Usually it is an infantry attack under the cover of artillery. Thus, the Russians literally "pelt the Ukrainian defenders with meat".

The military note that the Rashists have now reduced the momentum of their offensive actions. Our defenders are holding the front. The attacks by the Russian forces are not successful.

Also on 31 January, in Bakhmut, the Russians shelled a residential area. Two people died - a man and a 12-year-old child. Five more residents were wounded with varying degrees of severity. About 6,500 residents remain in Bakhmut now.

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