Wagner PMC recruits Serbs for war against Ukraine

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Wagner PMC conducts reconnaissance in Serbia through Russian embassy

The Wagnerians are recruiting soldiers and conducting active reconnaissance in Serbia.

The Serbian lawyer Cedomir Stojkovic, head of the public group Oktyabr, said this.

According to him, TAC Wagner can coordinate its activities through the Russian embassy in Belgrade. The website of the Russian embassy published a letter with information on where to apply if one wants to join TAC Wagner.

In addition, according to Cedomir, there are videos on the Internet that show participation of Serbs in the war on the side of Russia.

This situation also shows that someone in Serbia may be recruiting fellow citizens to fight on the side of Russia... That's why we filed an appeal so that the prosecutor's office could investigate," Cedomir Stojkovic commented

The lawyer estimates that about 200 Serbs could have joined the TAC Wagner, they are young people aged 20 to 30.

The PQF Wagner is a Russian military structure. Its mercenaries fought in various conflicts on the side of Russia all over the world - Syria, on the side of Putin's ally - dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier, Ukraine's representatives at the OSCE called for the recognition of the PFC Wagner as a terrorist organization.

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