Russia has increased the number of Kalibers in the Black Sea - AFU

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11:40, 01.04.2023

The Russians are shelling Ukrainian territory, including from the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff has reported an increased number of Russian missile launchers Kalibers in the Black Sea and warned of an increased threat of a new missile attack on Ukrainian territory. This was reported by the spokesperson for the Defence Forces of the South group, Nataliya Humenyuk, in a TV marathon.

According to her, the number of Russian missile launchers on combat duty in the sea has now increased to three. Of which two are surface ships and one submarine. She also noted that the total salvo of Kalibers could reach 20.

So the probability of a missile strike is increasing, the threat is very high," Humenyuk explained.

She also noted that the military is monitoring the activity of enemy aircraft.

So far, it is low, but its flights can change quite dynamically," Humenyuk pointed out.

Gumenyuk pointed out that the enemy has recently been frequently using aviation along the front line.

The use of aviation along the front line is one of the priority areas for the enemy to change its tactics today, it continues using guided aerial bombs (GABs) without entering our air defence zone," the spokeswoman added.

As previously reported by the General Staff, the enemy has stepped up its use of aircraft and guided aerial bombs in the southern direction, particularly in Kherson Region, near Berislav.

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