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A famous mountaineer was killed in fighting for Ukraine near Bakhmut, Donetsk region
12:30, 01.04.2023

His death was a great loss to the Ukrainian travelling community.

An officer of the 53rd Independent Mechanized Brigade, a well-known mountaineer from Lviv Region, Orest Kinash, died near Bakhmut in Donetsk Region. The tragic news of the soldier's death was reported by the Facebook community of the Captain Dzembronia Tourist Information Centre.

There they noted that Orest Kinash was a decent man and always respected the cause - the mountains, the culture, the people around him.

He deserves to rename one of these peaks, named after tyrants in the territory of the Caucasus that was liberated from the Russians, into Kinash Peak. Then having climbed the mountain, unfolding the blue-yellow flag, the Ukrainian climbers will say: "It is all right, Orest. Everything is all right", - noted in the message.

User Maxim Logash pointed out that Orest tried to lead people and be an example. However, his real vocation was not the front, but the mountains.

When communicating with him the feeling did not leave him - this is not where he belonged! That was not his vocation. He was supposed to lead people to the mountains, not to fight. And to teach them how to pitch their tents, not how to set up their positions," Logash wrote.

He said that Orest was injured by shrapnel a few weeks ago, but refused to be hospitalized. The fighter only agreed to 10 days of rest and then returned to the front and died.

The man was a Robe from the Lviv region. He was an experienced mountain hiking organiser, guide and mountain climbing expert. Kinash made many hikes in the Carpathian Mountains, climbed in the Caucasus Mountains (Kazbek, Shkhara), in the Pamirs and in Turkey. With the outbreak of full-scale war, Kinash went to the front.

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