Russian occupants seize housing from displaced Kherson residents

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19:00, 19.03.2023

Many Ukrainians were forced to flee Russian shelling and rocket attacks.

The occupation "administrations" organized by the invaders intend to take away housing from Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war. Thus, in Kherson Region, in the village of Strelkove, the village council, with the lobbying of the village head and on the basis of forcibly collected signatures of local deputies, is preparing an order for the forcible illegal alienation of homes of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave the village after the Russian Federation's repression. This was reported in a summary by the Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff.

The Russian occupants continue looting homes from Ukrainian civilians," the report said.

It is noted that the housing wants to be handed over for accommodation to the Russian occupation army soldiers.

The General Staff also reported that the Russian occupiers continue to put psychological pressure on the local population to force them to acquire Russian citizenship.

It is said that the occupiers have intensified checks on the seized territory, while those locals who do not have Russian passports are being treated more harshly, up to and including detention "for identity checks".

Three Russian collaborators detained in Kherson

Three colony workers in Kherson detained for working for the occupiers

16:00, 17.03.23
Evgenia Ruban
Evgenia Ruban
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