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US believes Russia and China are plotting to undermine world order
09:15, 20.03.2023

The US will be watching closely the upcoming meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping in Moscow.

Russia and China oppose the rule-based world order that has been created by the combined efforts of the United States, its allies and partners since the end of World War II. This was stated by US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on Fox News.

According to him, Moscow and Beijing "would like to rewrite the rules of the game globally. He also pointed out that cooperation between the two countries is increasing.

They are increasing their cooperation and relationship, especially recently," he said.

Kirby added that the United States would be watching closely the outcome of the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. But if those talks include a call for a ceasefire on the front lines, it would be "an attempt to ratify the Russian gains in Ukraine".

At the same time, Kirby expressed hope that Xi Jinping would keep the lines of communication open with US President Joe Biden and that the Chinese leader himself would try to learn the Ukrainian position through talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

We believe that the Chinese need to hear the Ukrainian point of view," Kirby concluded.

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Elena Rasenko
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