Why the Russian woman, who trolled ukrainians, was not expelled from Germany

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Why a Russian woman, who supports Putin's regime, was not expelled from Germany

It has come to light that Yulia Prokhorova, who became "famous" for mocking Ukrainian refugees, continues to live in Germany. She constantly insulted Ukrainians and made provocative videos.

The Insider wrote that a female passenger, very similar to Yulia Prokhorova, was seen at Berlin airport, accompanied by two police officers.
the Russian woman was believed to have been forcibly put on a Berlin-Istanbul flight.

The video allegedly showing the deportation lasts only a few seconds and the resolution and sound quality are poor.

Yulia Prokhorova repeatedly insulted Ukrainian refugees and made provocative videos.

It is also reported that the Russian citizen is living in Germany illegally.

According to the Landshut public prosecutor, the Russian woman is still in Germany. But the investigation is ongoing.

She is still in Germany," said a spokesman for the Landshut public prosecutor's office.

The reason is that deportations from Germany to the Russian Federation are currently suspended. No one is being deported to Ukraine or Belarus either.

Russian woman Yulia Prokhorova, who supported Russian invasion of Ukraine, deported

Russian woman who trolled Ukrainians expelled from Germany

10:44, 21.11.22
Lyudmila Troitskaya
Lyudmila Troitskaya
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